Introducing Calculated Fields for Core: Empower Your Data


Over the last few months we have been adding more and more features to our Core Software in our Sheffield offices.  Over the coming months we will continue to do the same so keep a look out for each Blog we post as you might miss out on a new feature. We are very pleased to announce the launch of Calculated Fields for Core. This exciting addition is all about making your data management experience smoother, more efficient, and simply better. With an easy-to-use scripting language, it lets you work with your data in ways you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re a data guru or just getting started, Calculated Fields are here to simplify your journey. 

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Key Features 

Lets explore the key features now:

  • Arithmetic:

Forget the complex spreadsheets and formulas. Calculated Fields make number crunching as easy as pie. Add, subtract, multiply, or divide with a few simple lines of code. Logic and

  • Conditionals:

Give your data some smarts. Define rules and conditions that automate data handling based on specific criteria. Your data, your rules. 

  • Dates and Times:

Dates and times don’t have to be a headache. Calculate time intervals, set deadlines, or generate time-based reports effortlessly. 

  • Working with Existing Fields:

Why reinvent the wheel? Use existing data creatively. Combine, transform, and format data from multiple fields to get the insights you need. 

  • Aggregate Functions:

Aggregating data has never been this easy. Sum, average, find the minimum or maximum value – these functions reveal the big picture in your data.  

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Key Benefits 

Let explore the benefits of calculated fields:

  • Save Time and Effort: 

No more manual data entry or complicated spreadsheets. With Calculated Fields, you’ll have more time for the important things. 

  • Data Consistency: 

Say goodbye to data discrepancies. Your data will always be consistent, no matter how much you work with it. 

  • Data Accuracy: 

Eliminate errors and uncertainties. Calculated Fields perform complex calculations with precision. 

  • Data-Driven Insights: 

Make decisions with confidence. Gain a deeper understanding of your data, thanks to smart calculations. 

  • Reduce Workload: 

Let the software do the heavy lifting. Automate complex tasks and minimize the potential for human error. 

  • Savings: 

Calculated Fields aren’t just a time-saver; they’re also a cost-saver. You won’t need extra resources or manual labour. 


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In the world of data management, every little bit counts. Calculated Fields for Core is a big step forward. We invite you to dive in, explore, and embrace this exciting feature. 

With Calculated Fields, data isn’t just data; it’s an asset, a source of insight, and an ally in your journey. Welcome to a new era of data management with Core. 

We are committed to improving your experience, and Calculated Fields is just the start. Stay tuned for more enhancements and developments to empower your data journey. 

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