Why CORE Software can Supercharge Your Business

If you’re like most businesses, you face challenges with processes, this is especially true when information has to pass between teams.  However, it can also apply when information has to pass between people in the same team.  That’s where CORE comes in.  It helps you to solve those puzzles, by putting the right questions (and data) to the right people, at the right time.  CORE allows you to pick an individual problem within your business and solve it in minutes.  The system is simple to use and easy to build (although we can build things for you too if you prefer – check out our Methods page).  One example of such a puzzle that you might want to solve is having a spreadsheet in your business, but people keep saving copies of it, or not filling in the bits that they need to complete.  CORE allows automated processes to ‘nag’ the correct person into doing their bit at the right time.

CORE is built as a single, centralised, web-based Software System that everyone in your business can access.  This includes web-based forms & lists of your data, that you can edit very easily using PC/Laptop/Tablet & Mobile.  CORE really does help you to simplify your data and solve your puzzles, in a way that engages your staff to work with it in a more useful way.  No more contracts expiring because you forgot to check the expiry date on a spreadsheet – CORE will notify you when something needs your attention.

We offer CORE in 3 different ‘flavours’.  These are DONE BY YOU, DONE WITH YOU & DONE FOR YOU.  We are open to working with you in whichever way you prefer.  Find out more at our Methods page.

Low Training Needs. Our solutions are very user friendly.

Our systems are secure and based on UK Soil and GDPR compliant.

You can access CORE from anywhere & it’s fully cloud based.

CORE saves time – stop hunting for spreadsheets or bits of paper.

Smarter Data. We get alerts when any of your data needs attention.

CORE is supported by humans and we have a UK support team.

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