When you’re thinking about using CORE, you have 3 main options, to get you off the ground.  Find them below.  If you want to get on with building your own instance of CORE, then you can use the Buy Now button.  For the other two options, drop us a note to say you’ll need some help and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible to get your project started!

Done by You

Sign up, login and build away yourself!

  • Take as long as you like

  • Plenty of videos to get you going

  • You’ll grasp it in no time.

  • Continuous improvement whenever you like

Done with You

Sign up and we’ll walk you through you to get started.

  • We’ll walk you through it on Teams.

  • We’ll help you to structure your data

  • We’ll help you to import data

  • We’ll be on hand in future

Done for You

Sign up and tell us what you need. We’ll do the rest

  • Tell us what you need, we’ll do the rest

  • We’ll import your data

  • We’ll support your users

  • We can teach other members of your team

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