CORE can be used to track Service Contracts within your business.  It can be used to track when those service contracts are due to be renewed or cancelled and it can notify you beforehand to make sure that you deal with them in good time.

Asset Tracking Dashboard

The Service Contract Management tool can easily be branded to fit in with your company colours.  You can easily add and change the fields within the system if you need to record extra pieces of information (such as a cancellation period required or anything else you can come up with!).  However, the beauty of this Service Contract Management Tool is in it’s simplicity.  Any member of your team should be able to add items into the service contract tracking solution.  Data can be easily imported from spreadsheets if that’s where you currently keep them or it can be exported to spreadsheets if that’s what you need to produce reports for management.  Once the data is in the system, you can choose who is notified (by email, teams message and so on) when a contract is coming up for renewal.

Added to using the service contract management tool in your business to save time and money, you can build on it to solve other problems within your business.  The CORE Software Platform allows you to build a system that can cover many different business needs and processes.  One business that uses CORE now has over 150 content types, that cover all different elements of their business from Expenses Claims, Uniform Requests and Asset Tracking, through to HR & Finance solutions.

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