Because CORE is sooooo flexible, sometimes people have a hard time working out what they could do with it.  Because of that, we decided that the best thing we could do is put together some use-cases that you could use to visualise what CORE might do for your business.  Below, you’ll find an ever-growing list of solutions that either we’ve put together for our customers, or they’ve put together for themselves!

Many of our customers are now using CORE as a platform to build their own Time Management System for staff to clock-in and out and to manage their timesheets.

  • Easy Payroll Process

  • Monitor Overtime

  • Cloud Based

  • User Friendly

Asset Tracking & Management is now another useful tool that can be used on the CORE Software Platform.  It can help you to track IT Assets, or any kind of asset.

  • Easy to add Assets

  • Easily Import Assets

  • Add Pictures

  • Record values